SELECT TOP 5 CreationDate ,CAST(CreationDate as DateTime)...


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Open Source Meta

Q&A about the site for people organizing, marketing or licensing open source development projects

SELECT TOP 5 CreationDate
   ,CAST(CreationDate as DateTime) as CreatDatedatetime
   ,DATEADD(M, -3, GETDATE()) as CurrenDate3MonthAgo
   ,creationDate+2*365/12  as CreationDatePlus2Months
   ,datediff(MONTH,creationDate, getDate()) as PostAgeInMonths
   ,CAST(CreationDate as Date) as CreationDateAsDate
   ,CAST(CreationDate as Time) as CreationDateTime
   ,CAST(CreationDate as Char) as CreationDateAsVarchar
   ,CONVERT(VarChar, CreationDate, 104) as CreationDateLVFormat
   ,CONVERT(VarChar, GetDate(), 104) as todayDateLVFormat
   ,MONTH(CreationDate) as CreateDateMonth
   ,Year(CreationDate) as CreateDateYear
   ,CASE WHEN Year(CreationDate)>=2021 THEN 'Jauns' ELSE 'Vecs' END as Vecums
   ,CASE WHEN (Year(CreationDate)*12+MONTH(CreationDate)+2)>=(Year(GetDate())*12+MONTH(GetDate()))
      THEN 'New'
      ELSE 'Old'
   END as OldOrNewPost
FROM Posts
WHERE CreationDate>=CAST('2021-06-01' AS DATE)
AND CreationDate<=CAST('2021-06-05' AS DATE)

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