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Open Source Meta

Q&A about the site for people organizing, marketing or licensing open source development projects

select p."Id"
,      p."Title"
,      p."Body"
,      p."Tags"
,      p."Score"
,      p."ViewCount"
,      p."AnswerCount"
,      p."CommentCount"
,      p."FavoriteCount"
,      p."PostTypeId"
,      pt."CreationDate"   "AcceptedAnswerDate"
,      pt."Body"           "AcceptedBody"
,      p."AcceptedAnswerId"
,      p."ParentId"
,      p."OwnerUserId"
,      p."OwnerDisplayName"
,      p."LastEditorUserId"
,      p."LastEditorDisplayName"
,      p."LastEditDate"
,      p."LastActivityDate"
,      p."CommunityOwnedDate"
,      p."CreationDate"
,      p."DeletionDate"
,      p."ClosedDate"
,      p."ContentLicense"
from  Posts p
left outer join Posts pt on p."AcceptedAnswerId" = pt."Id"
where p."Id"=23890508
or p."Id"=44693834
or p."Id"=61976449
or p."Id"=2664762
or p."Id"=12515537
or p."Id"=9452110
or p."Id"=72456
or p."Id"=12076274
or p."Id"=17093812
or p."Id"=67109853
or p."Id"=30749915
or p."Id"=727225
or p."Id"=27317554
or p."Id"=11547699
or p."Id"=56151824
or p."Id"=15470167
or p."Id"=38033130
or p."Id"=1506858
or p."Id"=3320001

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