select p."Id" , p."Title" , p."Body" , p."...


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Open Source Meta

Q&A about the site for people organizing, marketing or licensing open source development projects

select p."Id"
,      p."Title"
,      p."Body"
,      p."Tags"
,      p."Score"
,      p."ViewCount"
,      p."AnswerCount"
,      p."CommentCount"
,      p."FavoriteCount"
,      p."PostTypeId"
,      pt."CreationDate"   "AcceptedAnswerDate"
,      pt."Body"           "AcceptedBody"
,      p."AcceptedAnswerId"
,      p."ParentId"
,      p."OwnerUserId"
,      p."OwnerDisplayName"
,      p."LastEditorUserId"
,      p."LastEditorDisplayName"
,      p."LastEditDate"
,      p."LastActivityDate"
,      p."CommunityOwnedDate"
,      p."CreationDate"
,      p."DeletionDate"
,      p."ClosedDate"
,      p."ContentLicense"
from  Posts p
left outer join Posts pt on p."AcceptedAnswerId" = pt."Id"
where p."Id"=574035
or p."Id"=12921465
or p."Id"=37508039
or p."Id"=15103180
or p."Id"=69069822
or p."Id"=33984157
or p."Id"=68841802
or p."Id"=12520219
or p."Id"=57630814
or p."Id"=57812656
or p."Id"=45891064
or p."Id"=64534038
or p."Id"=66274311
or p."Id"=6579120
or p."Id"=31069853
or p."Id"=48940073
or p."Id"=61068581
or p."Id"=29949541
or p."Id"=24080104
or p."Id"=9573201
or p."Id"=9265679
or p."Id"=22050848
or p."Id"=43682620
or p."Id"=2539394
or p."Id"=15461018
or p."Id"=58307580
or p."Id"=30760388
or p."Id"=58408703
or p."Id"=3229388
or p."Id"=10852909
or p."Id"=65802088
or p."Id"=41887717
or p."Id"=43939980
or p."Id"=47543569
or p."Id"=29741251
or p."Id"=54928466
or p."Id"=3044603
or p."Id"=63060752
or p."Id"=39778901
or p."Id"=2632729
or p."Id"=468615
or p."Id"=6814108
or p."Id"=24091007
or p."Id"=49171904
or p."Id"=23588015
or p."Id"=7139046
or p."Id"=14036949
or p."Id"=34202416
or p."Id"=55311810
or p."Id"=65976357
or p."Id"=458482
or p."Id"=54920561
or p."Id"=62680948
or p."Id"=63362359
or p."Id"=20371718
or p."Id"=68980522
or p."Id"=41163404
or p."Id"=67395582
or p."Id"=35255024
or p."Id"=8457533
or p."Id"=26180915
or p."Id"=38148826
or p."Id"=51043892
or p."Id"=1514858
or p."Id"=66637438
or p."Id"=1272342
or p."Id"=38562338
or p."Id"=61194583
or p."Id"=24584149
or p."Id"=41504657
or p."Id"=45492627
or p."Id"=42941777
or p."Id"=53619254
or p."Id"=27131475
or p."Id"=51061652
or p."Id"=19436580
or p."Id"=66226363
or p."Id"=32558890
or p."Id"=11506539
or p."Id"=58311947
or p."Id"=20081032
or p."Id"=515561
or p."Id"=34326849
or p."Id"=42620038
or p."Id"=33873260
or p."Id"=15601656
or p."Id"=31414126
or p."Id"=39844911
or p."Id"=50099192
or p."Id"=23437144
or p."Id"=20387229
or p."Id"=5380260
or p."Id"=3576866
or p."Id"=134388
or p."Id"=7178294
or p."Id"=69276851
or p."Id"=31441298
or p."Id"=48099962
or p."Id"=8185543
or p."Id"=1859456
or p."Id"=12333252
or p."Id"=23269588
or p."Id"=34197979
or p."Id"=43604291
or p."Id"=50627977
or p."Id"=11893479
or p."Id"=49657450
or p."Id"=23996590
or p."Id"=40902880
or p."Id"=30935489
or p."Id"=59119540
or p."Id"=52852662
or p."Id"=16793982
or p."Id"=30025641
or p."Id"=29670570
or p."Id"=25603713
or p."Id"=27308069
or p."Id"=7252255
or p."Id"=8997456
or p."Id"=10007600
or p."Id"=62985187
or p."Id"=45667592
or p."Id"=18104429
or p."Id"=11093602
or p."Id"=13649006
or p."Id"=19820979
or p."Id"=22046536
or p."Id"=14434931
or p."Id"=17934511
or p."Id"=6264815
or p."Id"=8395349
or p."Id"=21625785
or p."Id"=15496882
or p."Id"=69861222
or p."Id"=64535037
or p."Id"=51672427
or p."Id"=1749783
or p."Id"=2142868
or p."Id"=52187717
or p."Id"=57781421
or p."Id"=32597330
or p."Id"=20305269
or p."Id"=10526128
or p."Id"=16362438
or p."Id"=65674309
or p."Id"=41451737
or p."Id"=18604115
or p."Id"=62984669
or p."Id"=6174374
or p."Id"=54695384
or p."Id"=19411099
or p."Id"=69204489
or p."Id"=32137856
or p."Id"=3612535
or p."Id"=40288020
or p."Id"=17628486
or p."Id"=21629175
or p."Id"=17408824
or p."Id"=4432577
or p."Id"=55318610
or p."Id"=11077367
or p."Id"=21910299
or p."Id"=1765815
or p."Id"=30297234
or p."Id"=70171675
or p."Id"=25313929
or p."Id"=51420124
or p."Id"=63590731
or p."Id"=68475835
or p."Id"=10904498
or p."Id"=5896224
or p."Id"=47395350
or p."Id"=9850517
or p."Id"=11658319
or p."Id"=19556119
or p."Id"=43465559
or p."Id"=44406496
or p."Id"=54183223
or p."Id"=65959538
or p."Id"=64645011
or p."Id"=2033950
or p."Id"=6544753
or p."Id"=22177459
or p."Id"=6684580
or p."Id"=33079183
or p."Id"=46509252
or p."Id"=4686671
or p."Id"=58956187
or p."Id"=42726767
or p."Id"=42886212
or p."Id"=67655475
or p."Id"=27609122
or p."Id"=29040388
or p."Id"=66523717
or p."Id"=25197733
or p."Id"=18660487
or p."Id"=46245707
or p."Id"=56275053
or p."Id"=41931548
or p."Id"=1344131
or p."Id"=54079037
or p."Id"=36341681
or p."Id"=37384301
or p."Id"=14262901
or p."Id"=29398242
or p."Id"=12657684
or p."Id"=32166716
or p."Id"=57912378
or p."Id"=70196852
or p."Id"=2260076
or p."Id"=10601900
or p."Id"=36206989
or p."Id"=43368
or p."Id"=9242153
or p."Id"=67380645
or p."Id"=60077614
or p."Id"=27299205
or p."Id"=13057127
or p."Id"=63518180
or p."Id"=6385098
or p."Id"=24913705
or p."Id"=56539287
or p."Id"=16612891
or p."Id"=57863504
or p."Id"=70179248
or p."Id"=17997185
or p."Id"=34111042
or p."Id"=21978189
or p."Id"=58399947
or p."Id"=25581826
or p."Id"=45774565
or p."Id"=41717190
or p."Id"=4260100
or p."Id"=2246259
or p."Id"=65133
or p."Id"=38458309
or p."Id"=8175179
or p."Id"=30128196
or p."Id"=37432674
or p."Id"=56237141
or p."Id"=3353289
or p."Id"=427659
or p."Id"=17884182
or p."Id"=43060392
or p."Id"=10853211
or p."Id"=68118416
or p."Id"=19851629
or p."Id"=64957036
or p."Id"=11418906
or p."Id"=15224971
or p."Id"=69615432
or p."Id"=54570111
or p."Id"=3835924
or p."Id"=28597807
or p."Id"=39999954
or p."Id"=12361017
or p."Id"=48579678
or p."Id"=46720886
or p."Id"=42544882
or p."Id"=30587180
or p."Id"=49183195
or p."Id"=7555137
or p."Id"=46414681
or p."Id"=40606384
or p."Id"=11493902
or p."Id"=69841984
or p."Id"=17096233
or p."Id"=856115
or p."Id"=20423952
or p."Id"=42821477
or p."Id"=31985216
or p."Id"=1807575
or p."Id"=58441536
or p."Id"=7592025
or p."Id"=16172843
or p."Id"=5491609
or p."Id"=63253091
or p."Id"=43565178
or p."Id"=50112975
or p."Id"=56508600
or p."Id"=6230026
or p."Id"=12883759
or p."Id"=34538768
or p."Id"=59450387
or p."Id"=41514064
or p."Id"=26517659
or p."Id"=62205919
or p."Id"=37136744
or p."Id"=21446245
or p."Id"=47501478
or p."Id"=6326301
or p."Id"=69060408
or p."Id"=56086266
or p."Id"=69858653
or p."Id"=28268344
or p."Id"=30758788
or p."Id"=46642515
or p."Id"=28810325
or p."Id"=31681153
or p."Id"=10259560
or p."Id"=39246176
or p."Id"=26527635
or p."Id"=21972243
or p."Id"=15986925
or p."Id"=27313578
or p."Id"=35459353
or p."Id"=30213510
or p."Id"=60738851
or p."Id"=62235888
or p."Id"=10089975
or p."Id"=65599052

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