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Open Source Meta

Q&A about the site for people organizing, marketing or licensing open source development projects

select p."Id"
,      p."Title"
,      p."Body"
,      p."Tags"
,      p."Score"
,      p."ViewCount"
,      p."AnswerCount"
,      p."CommentCount"
,      p."FavoriteCount"
,      p."PostTypeId"
,      pt."CreationDate"   "AcceptedAnswerDate"
,      pt."Body"           "AcceptedBody"
,      p."AcceptedAnswerId"
,      p."ParentId"
,      p."OwnerUserId"
,      p."OwnerDisplayName"
,      p."LastEditorUserId"
,      p."LastEditorDisplayName"
,      p."LastEditDate"
,      p."LastActivityDate"
,      p."CommunityOwnedDate"
,      p."CreationDate"
,      p."DeletionDate"
,      p."ClosedDate"
,      p."ContentLicense"
from  Posts p
left outer join Posts pt on p."AcceptedAnswerId" = pt."Id"
where p."Id"=29813872
or p."Id"=39778901
or p."Id"=36420033
or p."Id"=26484096
or p."Id"=299638
or p."Id"=2143107
or p."Id"=57955027
or p."Id"=50588831
or p."Id"=29134679
or p."Id"=1597784
or p."Id"=1033619
or p."Id"=27131475
or p."Id"=10778224
or p."Id"=32183968
or p."Id"=251356
or p."Id"=70171675
or p."Id"=38181406
or p."Id"=55306003
or p."Id"=45449897
or p."Id"=27224764
or p."Id"=27572127
or p."Id"=33321773
or p."Id"=11362604
or p."Id"=17202329
or p."Id"=65265038
or p."Id"=1198546
or p."Id"=32926075
or p."Id"=20122199
or p."Id"=24895442
or p."Id"=34547336
or p."Id"=59287809
or p."Id"=14670680
or p."Id"=11710420
or p."Id"=4036398
or p."Id"=58362166
or p."Id"=11321040
or p."Id"=11371074
or p."Id"=10382242
or p."Id"=28007205
or p."Id"=24913705
or p."Id"=58084041
or p."Id"=20415756
or p."Id"=14628254
or p."Id"=30823220
or p."Id"=39257307
or p."Id"=11377453
or p."Id"=3229971
or p."Id"=34669684
or p."Id"=66664735
or p."Id"=19851629
or p."Id"=14859367
or p."Id"=47165835
or p."Id"=62769199
or p."Id"=33331007
or p."Id"=3835924
or p."Id"=1711846
or p."Id"=42311848
or p."Id"=1485610
or p."Id"=3763221
or p."Id"=33351309
or p."Id"=14531888
or p."Id"=37452703
or p."Id"=42171085
or p."Id"=41349511
or p."Id"=23872921
or p."Id"=42788880
or p."Id"=3208449
or p."Id"=34231310
or p."Id"=35666148
or p."Id"=37486200
or p."Id"=44210938
or p."Id"=35665508
or p."Id"=13376409

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