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Operations Research Meta

Q&A about the site for operations research and analytics professionals, educators, and students

  p.Id AS [Post Link],
  COUNT(rtr.Id) AS [Close Review Count],
  MAX(rt.CreationDate) AS [Review Created At]
FROM ReviewTasks AS rt
INNER JOIN ReviewTaskResults AS rtr ON rtr.ReviewTaskId = rt.Id
INNER JOIN PostsWithDeleted AS pwd ON rt.PostId = pwd.Id
INNER JOIN Posts p ON rt.PostId = p.Id
LEFT JOIN Posts a on rt.PostId = a.ParentId
  rt.ReviewTaskStateId = 3 AND
  rtr.ReviewTaskResultTypeId = 6 AND
  rt.DeletionDate IS NOT NULL AND
  pwd.DeletionDate IS NULL AND
  pwd.ClosedDate IS NULL AND
  p.AcceptedAnswerId IS NULL AND
  p.Score < 3 AND
  a.Score > 0
GROUP BY p.Id, rt.ReviewTaskStateId
HAVING COUNT(rtr.Id) > 1 AND COUNT(a.Id) = 0
ORDER BY MAX(rt.CreationDate);

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