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Operations Research Meta

Q&A about the site for operations research and analytics professionals, educators, and students

SELECT se.id as SuggestedId,
ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY se.OwnerUserId ORDER BY se.CreationDate) as preApprovalCount
FROM SuggestedEdits se
where ApprovalDate is not NULL
and se.OwnerUserId in (
select distinct se.OwnerUserId
from SuggestedEdits se
inner join reviewtasks rt on rt.suggestededitid = se.id
inner join reviewtaskResults rtr on rtr.id = rt.CompletedByReviewTaskId
left outer join ReviewRejectionReasons rrr on rrr.id = rtr.RejectionReasonId
where rtr.ReviewTaskResultTypeId = 3
and se.Text is not NULL
and rtr.RejectionReasonId in (101,102,104,105,106,109)
and rejectiondate between cast('2012-01-01' as datetime)
                   and cast('2016-01-01' as datetime)
and se.OwnerUserId IS NOT NULL 
and se.OwnerUserId <> -1

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