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List all questions, along with score, descriptive status, and close votes. - For closed questions, the close votes count includes all votes, except for mod hammers. - For open questions, the close votes count includes pending and aged away votes only.

Operations Research Meta

Q&A about the site for operations research and analytics professionals, educators, and students

SELECT TOP ##MostRecent:int?100##
  p.Id AS [Post Link],
  p.Score AS [Score],
  IIF(p.DeletionDate IS NOT NULL and p.ClosedDate IS NOT NULL,
                                 'Deleted after Closure',
  IIF(p.DeletionDate IS NOT NULL,'Deleted by User',
  IIF(p.ClosedDate IS NOT NULL,  'Closed',
  IIF(ISNULL(p.AnswerCount,0)=0, 'Unanswered',
  IIF(p.AcceptedAnswerId IS NULL,STR(p.AnswerCount)+' Answers',
                                 'Accepted Answer'))))) [Status],
  p.CreationDate AS [Created At]
FROM PostsWithDeleted AS p
  p.PostTypeId = 1
ORDER BY p.CreationDate DESC;

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