Search in user's profile text, by several keywords


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Search in user's profile text, by several keywords


Q&A for active researchers, academics and students of physics

-- Free text search in users' free profile text (field "About me")
-- Note: In this first version, the search for several 
--       keywords (with user input) has not been 
--       implemented (the initial impetus was 
--       fullfilled by the hardcoded value)
-- Future: 
--   1. In the result page, make ***live links*** to the
--      user profiles 
--      Can we do it like in 
--      <>
--      ?
--   2. XXXX

      u.DisplayName as [Name],
      u.Id          as [User ID],
      u.Reputation  as [Repuration points],
      u.WebsiteUrl  as [Home page],
      u.Location    as [Location]

FROM Users u

-- User input (associating the identifier with the actual user prompt):
--   Keyword1: Keyword 1
--   Keyword2: Keyword 2

      u.AboutMe LIKE ##Keyword##

      -- User input: ##Keyword1:string##
      -- User input: ##Keyword2:string##

ORDER BY [Repuration points] DESC


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