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--accepted answer

/*select OwnerUserId as [User Link], count(1) shots
from (
select b.OwnerUserId,
row_number() over (partition by a.Id order by b.CreationDate) as r
from Posts a inner join Posts b
on a.PostTypeId = 1
and b.PostTypeId = 2
and b.ParentId = a.Id
and a.CreationDate > '2013-09-10'
and DATEDIFF(mi,a.CreationDate,b.CreationDate) < ##MaxDuration##
) as FG
where r = 1
group by OwnerUserId
having count(1) > 25
order by shots desc;*/

select a.OwnerUserId, count(1)
from Posts a 
where a.PostTypeId = 2
and exists (select 1 from
            Posts b
            where b.Id = a.ParentId
            and DATEDIFF(mi,b.CreationDate,a.CreationDate) < ##MaxDuration##
and not exists (select 1 from 
                Posts c
                where c.ParentId = a.ParentId
                and c.CreationDate > a.CreationDate
group by a.OwnerUserId
having count(1) > 20
order by 2 desc

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