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Portuguese Language

Q&A for linguists, teachers and learners wanting to discuss the finer points of the Portuguese language

/* How many views per question appears in a given week
For instance, is SE more active during the Christmas–NY season
or the community do something else?

DECLARE @All int = ##All:int?1##
DECLARE @UsedId int = ##UserId:int##

;WITH UsersSample AS
  FROM Users u tablesample(1 percent)
  SELECT p.PostTypeId, p.OwnerUserId,
  COUNT(*) as n
FROM Posts p
RIGHT OUTER JOIN UsersSample u ON u.Id = p.OwnerUserId
WHERE p.OwnerUserId = CASE WHEN @All = 1 THEN p.OwnerUserId ELSE @UsedId END
  AND p.OwnerUserId > 0
GROUP BY p.OwnerUserId, p.PostTypeId
ORDER BY p.OwnerUserId, p.PostTypeId

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