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Intended to find short answers with links for people to improve, downvote or delete. Additional fields (closed date, and answer count) help identify questions that attract these short answers that should be modified or closed. Find answers with marginal votes (between the min and max) that have a length less than some size and contain a link. Filter out questions that have been locked (many historical lock questions provide false positives).

Software Engineering

Q&A for professionals, academics, and students working within the systems development life cycle

  a.Score, LEN(a.Body) as length,
  q.AnswerCount as acount,
  a.Id as [Post Link],
  Posts a,
  Posts q
  a.PostTypeId = 2
  and a.Score <=  ##AnswerScoreMax:int##
  and a.Score >= ##AnswerScoreMin:int##
  and LEN(a.Body) < ##AnswerLength##
  and UPPER(a.body) like '%HTTP://%'
  and a.ParentId =
order by length ASC, a.Score ASC

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