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SELECT P.title, P.Tags, P.ViewCount,P.Score,P.AnswerCount,P.CreationDate
FROM Posts P
((P.Tags LIKE '%backend%') OR
(P.Tags LIKE '%frontend%') OR
(P.Tags LIKE '% bug %') OR
(P.Tags LIKE '% api %') OR
(P.Tags LIKE '% ux %') OR
(P.Tags LIKE '% ui %') OR
(P.Tags LIKE '%mobile%') OR
(P.Tags LIKE '% web %') OR
(P.Tags LIKE '% performance %') OR
(P.Tags LIKE '%deploy%') OR
(P.Tags LIKE '% docs %') OR
(P.Tags LIKE '% tests %') OR
(P.Tags LIKE '% security %') OR
(P.Tags LIKE '% qa %')) AND
((P.CreationDate >= '2013-01-01') AND (P.CreationDate < '2014-01-01'))

ORDER by P.CreationDate

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