Votos por Usuário com 15+ rep


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CONVERT(DATETIME, CONCAT(YEAR(CreationDate), '-', MONTH(CreationDate), '-01'), 20) AS Mes,
CONVERT(FLOAT, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Votes v WHERE YEAR(v.CreationDate) <= YEAR(Votes.CreationDate) AND MONTH(v.CreationDate) <= MONTH(Votes.CreationDate) AND VoteTypeId IN(2,3)) )
/(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Users u WHERE YEAR(u.CreationDate) <= YEAR(Votes.CreationDate) AND MONTH(u.CreationDate) <= MONTH(Votes.CreationDate) AND u.Reputation > 14) AS 'Votos por Usuário com 15+ rep'
FROM Votes
WHERE VoteTypeId IN(2,3) -- Up, Down
GROUP BY YEAR(CreationDate), MONTH(CreationDate)
ORDER BY YEAR(CreationDate), MONTH(CreationDate)

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