Question Count or Score growth over time by tag comparison


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Plots total questions over time or total score over time, comparing up to 4 tags. Reference:

Role-playing Games

Q&A for gamemasters and players of tabletop, paper-and-pencil role-playing games

-- ShowScore: Enter 1 for scores, 0 for question counts
-- Tag1: Tag name (lowercase) or 'NA' (uppercase) "Enter a tag name or uppercase NA or a single space"
-- Tag2: Tag name (lowercase) or 'NA' (uppercase) "Enter a tag name or uppercase NA or a single space"
DECLARE @ShowScore INT      = ##ShowScore:int##;
DECLARE @Tag1 varchar(255)  = ##Tag1:string##;
DECLARE @Tag2 varchar(255)  = ##Tag2:string##;

WITH QuestStatsByMonth  AS (
    SELECT      DATEADD (month, DATEDIFF (month, 0, q.CreationDate), 0)  AS [Month],
    SUM (q.Score)               AS TotalScore,
    COUNT (q.Id)                AS NumQuests

    FROM        Posts           q
    INNER JOIN  PostTags        pt
    ON          q.Id            = pt.PostId
    INNER JOIN  Tags            t
    ON          t.Id            = pt.TagId

    WHERE       q.PostTypeId    = 1
    AND         t.TagName       IN (@Tag1, @Tag2)

    GROUP BY    DATEADD (month, DATEDIFF (month, 0, q.CreationDate), 0),
    CASE    @ShowScore
        WHEN    1 THEN  q.TagName + ' score'
        ELSE            q.TagName + ' questions'
    END AS [Tag],
    CASE    @ShowScore
        WHEN    1 THEN  SUM (h.TotalScore)
        ELSE            SUM (h.NumQuests)
    END AS Cumulative

FROM        QuestStatsByMonth   q
LEFT JOIN   QuestStatsByMonth   h
ON          h.[Month]           <= q.[Month]
AND         h.TagName           = q.TagName
GROUP BY    q.[Month], q.TagName
ORDER BY    q.[Month], q.TagName

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