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select top 100 
format(p.CreationDate, 'd','ru-ru'), 
  p.Score [Рейтинг], as [Post Link],
  ts.DisplayName [Топик-стартер],
  ts.Reputation [Репутация ТС], 
  p.ViewCount [Просмотров], 
  p.AnswerCount [Ответов],
  iif(p.AcceptedAnswerId is not NULL, 'x','') [Ответ принят],
  co.DisplayName [Автор принятого ответа],
  co.Reputation [Репутация ответившего]
from Posts p 
  join users ts on p.OwnerUserId =
  left join Posts a on p.AcceptedAnswerId =
  left join Users co on a.OwnerUserId =
where p.posttypeid = 1
order by p.ViewCount desc

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