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Вопросы и ответы для программистов

-- --
-- http://ru.stackoverflow.com/election/1
-- Array.prototype.map.call($$(".post-signature.owner.candidate-score .user-details a"), a => a.href.match(/\d+/)[0]) + ''
-- 181472,15479,177221,182317,176610,178988,176051,178018
-- --
-- select * from Users where Id in (181472,15479,177221,182317,176610,178988,176051,178018)
-- --

  u.DisplayName as Имя,
  N'http://ru.stackoverflow.com/users/' + cast(u.Id as nvarchar(8)) as [Ссылка на профиль],
  u.Reputation as Репутация,
  u.UpVotes as [Количество голосов за],
  u.DownVotes as [Количество голосов против],
  cast(cast(round(100.0 * u.UpVotes / (u.UpVotes+u.DownVotes), 3) as dec(10,3)) as nvarchar(16)) + N'%' as [Процент голосов за]
--  ,vt.Name
  Users u
--  inner join Votes v on u.Id = v.UserId
--  inner join VoteTypes vt on v.VoteTypeId = vt.Id
  u.Id in (5079,14756,1984,17609,181472,15479,177221,182317,176610,178988,176051,178018)
--group by
--  u.Id, u.DisplayName, u.Reputation, u.UpVotes, u.DownVotes, v.VoteTypeId, vt.Name
order by
  u.Reputation desc

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