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Russian Language

Q&A for students, teachers, and linguists wanting to discuss the finer points of the Russian language

select p.parentid  as [Post Link],p.body as "AnswerBody",
a.score as "AnswerScore",p.answercount as "AnswerCount"

FROM Posts p

 JOIN Posts a ON p.AcceptedAnswerId = a.Id
where  p.AcceptedAnswerId IS NOT NULL and 

p. parentid=61718277
OR p. parentid=59205614
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OR p. parentid=47918407
OR p. parentid=46575898
OR p. parentid=46434830
OR p. parentid=45661006
OR p. parentid=44146081
OR p. parentid=43612866
OR p. parentid=41837637
OR p. parentid=39448543
OR p. parentid=38229482
OR p. parentid=38071714
OR p. parentid=37915326
OR p. parentid=36661105
OR p. parentid=34903605
OR p. parentid=26094969
OR p. parentid=25970098
OR p. parentid=23601622
OR p. parentid=23145040
OR p. parentid=22646747
OR p. parentid=21167648
OR p. parentid=20576083
OR p. parentid=19824550
OR p. parentid=18199174
OR p. parentid=17825677
OR p. parentid=16913053
OR p. parentid=15809078
OR p. parentid=12222527
OR p. parentid=10905861
OR p. parentid=10811017
OR p. parentid=10537267
OR p. parentid=10410183
OR p. parentid=8863840
OR p. parentid=8820748
OR p. parentid=8673918
OR p. parentid=7194341
OR p. parentid=7129821
OR p. parentid=6911863
OR p. parentid=6690495
OR p. parentid=6245722
OR p. parentid=6130360
OR p. parentid=5990773
OR p. parentid=5658142
OR p. parentid=5409324
OR p. parentid=5400163
OR p. parentid=4925194
OR p. parentid=4814992
OR p. parentid=4750255
OR p. parentid=4573419
OR p. parentid=4243187
OR p. parentid=4192887
OR p. parentid=4163217
OR p. parentid=4006386
OR p. parentid=3824213
OR p. parentid=3736969
OR p. parentid=3629709
OR p. parentid=3533948
OR p. parentid=3532258
OR p. parentid=3173070
OR p. parentid=2937723
OR p. parentid=2868627
OR p. parentid=2715708
OR p. parentid=2625736
OR p. parentid=2596461
OR p. parentid=2336273
OR p. parentid=2323947
OR p. parentid=2076718
OR p. parentid=1931335
OR p. parentid=1590337
OR p. parentid=1584670
OR p. parentid=1443960
OR p. parentid=1443160
OR p. parentid=1368014
OR p. parentid=1321467
OR p. parentid=1118804
OR p. parentid=1035642
OR p. parentid=973673
OR p. parentid=893908
OR p. parentid=821276
OR p. parentid=814934
OR p. parentid=794735
OR p. parentid=780462
OR p. parentid=712769
OR p. parentid=436212
OR p. parentid=404210
OR p. parentid=343288
OR p. parentid=300359
OR p. parentid=287097
OR p. parentid=255616
OR p. parentid=236835
OR p. parentid=204653
OR p. parentid=189644
OR p. parentid=142273
OR p. parentid=128919
OR p. parentid=120438
OR p. parentid=118931
OR p. parentid=100993
OR p. parentid=35007

order by p.parentid desc

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