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Adapted from Jon's original query, this allows you to define lookback period and shows votes per week rather than per day.

Computational Science

Q&A for scientists using computers to solve scientific problems

--declare @start datetime = (
--select top 1 dateadd(day, datediff(day, getdate(), CreationDate), getdate())
--from Posts
--group by datediff(day, getdate(), CreationDate)
--having count(*) >= ##betathreshold?10##
--order by datediff(day, getdate(), CreationDate)

declare @stop datetime = (
select top 1 dateadd(day, datediff(day, getdate(), CreationDate), getdate())
from Posts
group by datediff(day, getdate(), CreationDate)
having count(*) >= ##betathreshold##
order by datediff(day, getdate(), CreationDate) desc

declare @start datetime = dateadd(month, -##lookbackmonths##, @stop)

select dateadd(week, datediff(week, @start, CreationDate), @start) "Week of",
       CASE WHEN IsAnonymous = 1 THEN 'Anonymous '+vt.Name ELSE 'Registered '+vt.Name END "Vote Type",
       count(*) "Daily Average"
from PostFeedback
     join VoteTypes vt on vt.Id = VoteTypeId
where CreationDate between @start and @stop
      --and IsAnonymous = 0
group by datediff(week, @start, CreationDate), vt.Name , IsAnonymous
order by datediff(week, @start, CreationDate), count(*) desc

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