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Draft SQL for statistics for

Computational Science

Q&A for scientists using computers to solve scientific problems

select v.creationDate VoteCreated,,, p.creationDate PostCreated, DATEDIFF(ww, p.creationDate, v.creationDate) WeeksBetweenInitialContentAndVote
from posts p, votes v, votetypes vt
where v.postId =
and v.votetypeid =
and p.owneruserid = 22656
and v.creationDate >= '2012-05-01'
and v.creationDate <= '2012-05-31'
and p.creationDate >= '2012-05-01'
and p.creationDate <= '2012-05-31'

-- The legend that is Jon Skeet: UserId = 22656
-- Jon Skeet 751 rows for votes received in May
-- Jon Skeet 290 rows for votes related to posts posted in May

-- 1=Question 2=Answer
--select *
--from posttypes

-- 1=AcceptedByOriginator, 2=UpMod, 3=DownMod
--select * 
--from voteTypes

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