Percentage of first posts which get closed (per month)


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Computational Science

Q&A for scientists using computers to solve scientific problems

;with firstpostids_cte as (
SELECT MIN(Id) AS MinId, OwnerUserId
FROM PostsWithDeleted
WHERE PostTypeId=1
GROUP BY OwnerUserId
, firstpostsclosed_cte as (
p.Id, p.CreationDate AS cre, p.ClosedDate AS clo
FROM firstpostids_cte fp JOIN PostsWithDeleted p ON fp.MinId=p.Id

number = ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY format(cre, 'yyyy-MM')),
format(cre, 'yyyy-MM'), ROUND((COUNT(clo))*100.0/(COUNT(*)),2) AS percentage
FROM firstpostsclosed_cte
GROUP BY format(cre, 'yyyy-MM')
ORDER BY format(cre, 'yyyy-MM')

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