Top n users having highest votes per day ratio


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Lists top 100 users who have highest votes/day ratio excluding community user and minimum of 100 votes cast. Uncomment last line to filter by id.

Computational Science

Q&A for scientists using computers to solve scientific problems

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select top ##Limit##
       id [User Link]
     , datediff(dd, creationdate, GETDATE() )"Days"
     ,(upvotes+downvotes) "Votes"
     , round(cast(nullif((upvotes+downvotes), 0)as float) / datediff(dd, creationdate, GETDATE()),4)  "Votes/Day Ratio"
from users
where  id <> -1
and  (upvotes+downvotes)> 100
-- and id = ##User_ID##
order by "Votes/Day Ratio" desc

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