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Test query to check whether stack overflow can be used to find potential candidates.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Q&A for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts

SELECT TOP(30) Users.*, Tags
  from Users inner join Posts on Users.Id=Posts.OwnerUserId where
  Reputation>100 and -- Basic skill check.
  Location like '%india%' and --Filter for Indian candidates.
  AboutMe not like '%zoho%' and --Don't search for who is already at Zoho.
  UpVotes>20 and --We want an encouraging person.
  DownVotes<2000 and --We don't want a person who discourages heavily.
  WebsiteUrl<>'' and
  AboutMe<>'' and
  ProfileImageUrl<>'' and
  Tags<>'' and 
  (Tags like '%java%' or Tags like '%mysql%') --Targeted skill check.
  order by Reputation DESC, DownVotes; --Best, polite first.

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