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Science Fiction and Fantasy

Q&A for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts

select concat(
         , id
         , '| deleted '
         , case posttypeid 
           when 1 then 'question'
           when 2 then 'answer'
           else convert(nvarchar, posttypeid) 
         ) as [Post Link]
     , posttypeid
     , score
     , datediff(d, creationdate, deletiondate) [Post age]
     , closeddate
     , coalesce(tags, (select tags from postswithdeleted q where = postswithdeleted.parentid)) [tags]
     , (select deletiondate from postswithdeleted q where = postswithdeleted.parentid) [question deleted at]
from postswithdeleted
where deletiondate > ##date:string?2024-04-06##
and score > 0
and creationdate < ##date:string?2024-04-06##
order by score desc

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