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Useful for finding all posts by unregistered users. The first line of results gives a total for all accounts matched. The total reputation calculated subtracts the 1 rep you get for each account, except for the first account. This should be what the user's rep would be if all accounts were merged, assuming none of the accounts have a +100 association bonus.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Q&A for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts

create table #Total ([User Link] INT, Reputation INT, Questions INT,
                     Answers INT, CreationDate DateTime)

insert into #Total
select u.Id,
    count(distinct q.Id),
    count(distinct a.Id),
from Users u
left join Posts q on q.OwnerUserId = u.Id and q.PostTypeId = 1
left join Posts a on a.OwnerUserId = u.Id and a.PostTypeId = 2
where lower(DisplayName) like lower(##name:string?%Golding##)
group by u.Id, u.Reputation, u.CreationDate

insert into #Total
select NULL, sum(Reputation)-count(*)+1, sum(Questions), sum(Answers), NULL
from #Total

select * from #Total
order by coalesce(CreationDate, '2100-01-01') desc

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