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For each tag, calculate the views per question and the views per day per question.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Q&A for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts

declare @numtags int = ##NumTags:int?1000##
declare @mincount int = ##MinCount:int?20##
declare @excludetag nvarchar(35) = ##ExcludeTag:string?-##
declare @latest datetime = (select max(CreationDate) from PostHistory)

select top (@numtags)
    count(Posts.Id) as Count, -- nearly the same as Tags.Count
    sum(ViewCount) as Views,
    1.0*sum(ViewCount)/count(Posts.Id) as ViewsPerQ,
    1.0*sum(ViewCount/datediff(day, Posts.CreationDate, @latest))/count(Posts.Id)
        as ViewsPerDayPerQ
into #table
from Tags
left join PostTags on PostTags.TagId = Tags.Id
left join Posts on Posts.Id = PostTags.PostId
where Posts.PostTypeId = 1 and Tags.Count >= @mincount
    and (@excludetag = '-' or Tags not like '%<' + @excludetag + '>%')
    and datediff(day, Posts.CreationDate, @latest) > 0
group by TagName
order by count(Posts.Id) desc, Tags.TagName

select TagName, Count, Views,
    round(ViewsPerQ, 0) as [Views per question],
    round(ViewsPerDayPerQ, 2) as [Views per day per question]
from #table
order by ViewsPerQ desc

declare @scale float = (select max(ViewsPerQ) / max(ViewsPerDayPerQ) from #table)

select row_number() over (order by ViewsPerQ desc) as Rank,
    ViewsPerQ as [Views per question],
    ViewsPerDayPerQ * @scale as [Views per day per question, scaled (ignore numbers)]
from #table

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