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Science Fiction and Fantasy

Q&A for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts

select as [Post Link],
b.OwnerUserId as [User Link], as [Comment Link],
a.UserId as [User Link],
CASE b.OwnerUserID WHEN a.UserId THEN 'Yes' ELSE 'No' END as [Same User]
from  (select c.Id, c.score, c.UserId, c.PostId from comments c
inner join users u on c.UserId = u.Id
UPPER(text) like '%DOWNVOTE%'
AND UPPER(text) like '%WHY%') a, 

(select p.Id, p.OwnerUserId from posts p
inner join votes v on v.PostId = p.Id
where p.ClosedDate is null
AND p.PostTypeId = 1
AND v.VoteTypeId = 3
group by p.Id, p.OwnerUserId) b

where a.PostId = b.Id
order by [Same User], a.Score desc

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