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Science Fiction and Fantasy

Q&A for science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts

select top 100 as [Post Link], p.score, count(v.votetypeid) as 'Delete Votes'
from posts p
left join posthistory ph on ph.postid =
left join votes v on (v.postid = and v.votetypeid = '10')
inner join posthistorytypes phn on = ph.posthistorytypeid
inner join posts a on = a.parentid
ph.comment != 1 and ph.comment != 101
and ph.posthistorytypeid = 10
and p.acceptedanswerid is null
and p.closeddate is not null
and p.tags like '%' + ##TagsContain:string?<source-code>## + '%'
and p.tags not like '%' + ##TagsDoNotContain:string?xyzzy## + '%'
and p.viewcount < ##ViewCount:int?2000##
and datediff(d, p.closeddate, getdate()) = 8
and p.score >= ##MinScore:int?-10##
group by, p.score, v.votetypeid
having count(v.votetypeid) = 0 and max(a.score) <= 1
order by p.score asc

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