With tags_python as (SELECT DISTINCT DATEPART(year, p.cr...


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Q&A for scientific skepticism

With tags_python as 
(SELECT  DISTINCT DATEPART(year, p.creationdate) as creat_year,
         count(p.tags) OVER (PARTITION BY DATEPART(year, p.creationdate)) as count_python
  from posts p
  where tags LIKE '%python%'
      and DATEPART(year, p.creationdate)>=2020 
      and DATEPART(year, p.creationdate)<=2023 )

  SELECT creat_year,
         lag(py.count_python) over (order by py.creat_year) as last_count,
         (count_python - lag(py.count_python) over (order by py.creat_year))/lag(py.count_python) over (order by py.creat_year) *100 as YoY_py  
         from tags_python py
order by py.creat_year

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