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With great power comes great responsibility. See The check for reopen votes is usually too conservative, but votes should expire after 14 days at the most. This query excludes questions that are duplicate targets, even though the roomba would be willing to delete them.


Q&A for scientific skepticism

--MaxQScore: Max Question Score
declare @qscore INT = ##MaxQScore:INT?1##
--MaxAScore: Max Answer Score
declare @ascore INT = ##MaxAScore:INT?1##

select distinct top ##Top:int?500##
  p.Id as [Post Link],
  max(a.Score) as [Best Answer],
from Posts p
--left join PostHistory ph on ph.postid =
left join Votes v on (v.PostId = p.Id and v.VoteTypeId = '10')
left join Posts a on p.Id = a.ParentId
  -- question was closed more than 9 days ago
  p.ClosedDate is not null
  and datediff(d, p.ClosedDate, getdate()) >= 9
  -- not closed as a duplicate
  and (select top 1 Comment
   from PostHistory ph
   where ph.PostId = p.Id and PostHistoryTypeId = 10
   order by Id desc) not in (1, 101)
  and p.Score <= @qscore
  -- is not locked
  and coalesce((select top 1 PostHistoryTypeId
    from PostHistory
    where PostHistory.PostId = p.Id
      and PostHistory.PostHistoryTypeId in (14, 15) -- post locked, unlocked
    order by Id desc), 0) <> 14
  and p.AcceptedAnswerId is null
  and (p.Score > 0 or a.Score > 0)
group by p.Id, p.Score, p.CreationDate, p.ViewCount--, crt.Name
having count(v.VoteTypeId) = 0 and coalesce(max(a.Score),0) <= @ascore
order by p.Score, max(a.Score), CreationDate

select getdate() as [Time of query]

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