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Space Exploration

Q&A for spacecraft operators, scientists, engineers, and enthusiasts

--@Merlin we want to know the percentage of questions which are:
--unanswered, that are not closed or wiki.
--low rep users (i.e < 12) have an up voted answer but no accepted answer
--percentage of unanswered questions by asker's reputation

WITH TaggedPosts(PostId)
AS (
  SELECT pt.PostId as PostId
  FROM PostTags pt INNER JOIN Tags t ON t.Id=pt.TagId
  WHERE t.TagName LIKE '%' + ##tag:string## + '%'
  GROUP BY pt.PostId

SELECT count(tp.PostId)
FROM TaggedPosts tp INNER JOIN Posts p ON p.Id=tp.PostId
    PostTypeId = 2
    AcceptedAnswerId < 0
    AnswerCount > 0
    ClosedDate IS NULL

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