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If language tags were automatically stripped from url's in posts/comments, then the user would automatically get the pages in their native language (according to browser settings, obviously) rather than being forced to a version that might not be legible for them. ...hmm, I wonder how many links are we talking about here? (Surely it's a crapload!) The same could be done with links from Wikipedia, and other popular sites with language tags in the URL.


Q&A for participants in team and individual sport activities

  year(creationdate) yr,
  lower(SUBSTRING(body,PATINDEX('',body COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS),LEN('')+6)) Lang, 
  (len(body)-len(replace(body, '', '')))/len('') occurences
into #temp
from posts
  closeddate is null
  and posttypeid in (1,2)
  and body like ''
  and year(creationdate)>=year(getdate())-##yearsback:int?1##

-- TAB #1: aggregated by tag
  min(yr) Oldest,
  max(yr) Newest,
  count(*) [# of Posts],
  sum(occurences) [# of Links]
from #temp
group by Lang
order by sum(occurences) desc, count(*) desc, Lang

-- TAB#2: totals
select sum(occurences) [Total Occurrences], count(*) [Posts Total]
from #temp

-- yearsback: How many years back (before this year)?

-- wikipedia "en" language tag example:
-- mozilla "en-US" example:
-- (both these sites detect the language only if tag is removed from url.)

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