Top users by the number of times they earned 200/day


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This query finds the top users by the number of times they've earned 200/day, and gives indication about the progress towards Epic and Legendary badges. Think of it as the number of times Mortarboard badge could have been earned

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SELECT Id AS [User Link], Reputation, (
	SELECT Count (TotalRep)
	  FROM (
					SUM(case votes.votetypeid 
							WHEN 1 THEN 15
							WHEN 2 THEN 10
							WHEN 9 THEN BountyAmount
					 END) as TotalRep,
					 Votes.CreationDate AS CreationDate
			  FROM   Posts
					 INNER JOIN Votes
					   ON Votes.PostId = Posts.Id
			  WHERE  Posts.OwnerUserId = U.Id
					 AND Posts.CommunityOwnedDate IS NULL
			  GROUP  BY Votes.CreationDate
	  ) t
	  WHERE TotalRep>=200) AS RepCapDays
FROM Users U
WHERE U.Reputation >= 200

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