What tags have the highest percentage of "rookies" asking questions?


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  defining "rookie" as rep <= 10
  note that the database only stores a user's current rep, not their rep
  at the time the question was asked.  so someone who had 1 rep when he
  asked the question, but has since earned 40 rep points, will NOT be
  counted.  thus the result (especially the actual percentage) is not 
  perfectly accurate, but still gives guidance. 

  count(p.id) as question_count,
  sum(case when u.reputation <= 10 then 1.000 else 0.000 end) as low_rep,
  avg(case when u.reputation <= 10 then 1.000 else 0.000 end) as low_rep_pct 
  posts p 
  inner join users u on u.id = p.owneruserid
  inner join posttags pt on p.id = pt.postid
  inner join tags t on pt.tagid = t.id 
  p.posttypeid = 1 -- questions
  and p.CreationDate >= DATEADD(d, -60, GETDATE()) -- within last 60 days
group by
order by
  low_rep_pct desc

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