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SELECT top 100 P.Title, '' + CAST(P.Id AS nvarchar), 
P.score as Score,
  P.FavoriteCount as Favorites,
  P.ViewCount as [Views]
FROM Posts P
(SELECT Count(P2.Id) FROM Posts P2, PostTypes Pt WHERE P.Id = P2.ParentId AND Pt.Id = P2.PostTypeId AND Pt.Id=2) > 20
AND (SELECT Count(V.Id) FROM Votes V, VoteTypes Vt WHERE P.Id = V.PostId AND Vt.Id = V.VoteTypeId AND Vt.Id = 5) > 20
AND (SELECT Count(Ph.Id) FROM PostHistory Ph, PostHistoryTypes Pht WHERE P.Id = Ph.PostId And Pht.Id = Ph.PostHistoryTypeId AND Pht.Id = 14) = 0
AND P.CommunityOwnedDate IS NOT NULL

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