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Completely unscientific and irrelevant query, especially considering that code blocks greatly increase the "character count". Not only that, it is also skewed by the fact that great researched posts tend to amass massive rep (recognition from the community), which actually drives the chars_per_rep ratio downwards. The data is presented in left/right form, with the TOP 50 from each direction (asc/desc) shown side by side, for **no particular reason**

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WITH base as (
  select u.Id [User Link], sum(a.score) score, sum(len(a.body)) chars
  from posts a
  JOIN Users u ON u.Id = a.OwnerUserId
  where a.posttypeid = 2 -- answers
), ranked as (
  select *,
    chars_per_rep = cast(chars/score/10.0 as decimal(10,3)),
    rn_up=row_number() over (order by 1.0*score/chars),
    rn_down=row_number() over (order by 1.0*score/chars desc)
  from base
  where score > ##minscore##
select *
from ranked a
join ranked b on a.rn_up = b.rn_down
order by a.rn_up;

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