Python and R Goldbadge Holders


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WITH sub AS (

  SELECT DISTINCT u.Id, u.DisplayName, u.Reputation, 
                CONVERT(VARCHAR, u.Id)) As Url,
         u.CreationDate, u.Location, 
         u.Views, u.UpVotes, u.Downvotes,
         t.TagName, b.Class
  FROM users u
  JOIN badges b ON u.Id = b.UserId AND TagBased = 1
  JOIN tags t ON t.TagName = b.Name

SELECT r_sub.*
FROM sub r_sub
JOIN sub py_sub
  ON r_sub.Id = py_sub.Id
  AND r_sub.TagName = 'r' AND r_sub.Class = 1
  AND py_sub.TagName = 'python' AND py_sub.Class = 1

ORDER BY r_sub.Reputation DESC

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