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declare @somedaysago datetime
declare @now datetime
declare @some int
declare @repthresh int
set @repthresh = ##ReputationThreshold:int?300##
set @some = ##NumberOfDays:int?30##

set @some = @some*-1
set @now = getdate()
set @somedaysago = dateadd(day,@some,@now)

Select p.Id as [Post Link], p.Score, u.Id as [User Link],p.ViewCount as Views,
  u.Reputation, p.ClosedDate
  from Posts as p
  inner join Users as u
    on p.OwnerUserId = u.Id
  where u.Reputation > @repthresh
  and p.PostTypeId = 1
  and p.AcceptedAnswerId is Null
  and p.CreationDate > @somedaysago
  and p.ClosedDate is Null
  order by p.Score desc

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