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with candidate_posts as (
    select distinct
        a.owneruserid as userid,,
          when a.body like '<p>Actually, %' 
            then 1.0
            else 0.0
        end as match
    from posts as a
        inner join posts as q
        on a.parentid = and q.posttypeid = 1 and a.posttypeid = 2
    inner join posttags as pt on pt.postid =
    inner join tags as t on = pt.tagid
      t.tagname in (
    userid as [User Link],
    format(sum(match) / count(id), 'P') as perc,
    round(sum(match) / count(id) * sum(match), 2) as ratio,
    count(id) as total,
    cast(sum(match) as int) as matches
from candidate_posts
group by userid
having count(id) >= 5 and sum(match) > 2
order by round(sum(match) / count(id) * sum(match), 2) desc

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