select TOP(50) t1.TagName as Tag, t2.TagName as "Related...


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-- Input a base tag.  The query then finds the top 25 related 
-- tags used with that base tag.

select TOP(50) t1.TagName as Tag, t2.TagName as "Related Tag", count(t2.TagName) as "Count"

from PostTags as pt1
  INNER JOIN Tags as t1 ON pt1.TagId = t1.Id
  INNER JOIN PostTags as pt2 ON pt1.PostId = pt2.PostId AND pt1.TagId <> pt2.TagId
  INNER JOIN Tags as t2 ON pt2.TagId = t2.Id
  INNER JOIN posts A on pt2.postid =
where t1.TagName = ##MyTag:string##
-- and A.creationdate > getdate() - 365 Date filter
group by t1.TagName, t2.TagName
order by count(t2.TagName) desc

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