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select p.Id,p.CreationDate,u.DisplayName, p.Score, p.Id AS [Post Link], pP.AcceptedAnswerId
from posts p,users u, posts pP where p.PostTypeId=2 
or p.owneruserid=11102471
or p.owneruserid=10892354
or p.owneruserid=12153576
or p.owneruserid=12014434
or p.owneruserid=3156333
or p.owneruserid=12524159
or p.owneruserid=12257134
or p.owneruserid=11977760
or p.owneruserid=11300382
or p.owneruserid=11207414
or p.owneruserid=11714114
or p.owneruserid=12237732
or p.owneruserid=12201084
or p.owneruserid=14801225
or p.owneruserid=11148139
or p.owneruserid=10347794
or p.owneruserid=12186585
or p.owneruserid=9929015
or p.owneruserid=9521610
or p.owneruserid=11560878
or p.owneruserid=12571387
or p.owneruserid=9928809
or p.owneruserid=12518487
or p.owneruserid=14663497
or p.owneruserid=12428794
or p.owneruserid=12257250
or p.owneruserid=15123894
or p.owneruserid=12857703
or p.owneruserid=10161306
or p.owneruserid=12410332
or p.owneruserid=15537201
or p.owneruserid=15407542
or p.owneruserid=15659347
or p.owneruserid=16025711
or p.owneruserid=16345778
or p.owneruserid=16391991
or p.owneruserid=16559292
or p.owneruserid=11560878
and p.owneruserid=u.Id
and p.ParentId=pP.Id
and p.CreationDate >= '2018-05-01'
and p.CreationDate < '2021-07-31' 
order by CreationDate asc

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