Questions with accepted answer pinned above highest scoring answer


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Threads affected by the unpinning of the accepted answer (as described in, i.e., threads with answers that score higher than the accepted answer, where the accepted answer was not written by the OP.

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select distinct 
q.Id as [Post Link], 
q.CreationDate as Created,
  when q.ClosedDate is null then ''
  else (case when pl.LinkTypeId = 3 then 'dupe' else 'closed' end)
  end as 'Status',
aa.Score as 'Accepted score', 
hs.Score as 'Highest score',
hs.Score - aa.Score as 'Score difference'
Posts as q 
left join Posts as aa on q.Id = aa.ParentId 
left join Posts as hs on q.Id = hs.ParentId
left join PostLinks as pl on q.Id = pl.PostId
q.PostTypeId = 1 and
q.AcceptedAnswerId is not null and
q.AnswerCount > 1 and
aa.Score < hs.Score and
aa.Id = q.AcceptedAnswerId and
hs.Score = (Select max(score) from Posts csq where csq.ParentId = and
(aa.OwnerUserId != q.OwnerUserId or aa.OwnerUserId is null) and
((pl.LinkTypeId = (Select max(LinkTypeId) from PostLinks cpl where cpl.PostId = pl.LinkTypeId is null)
--order by hs.Score - aa.Score DESC;
order by Created DESC;

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