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declare @weight_threshold int = 10
declare @number_threshold int = 5
declare @score_cap int = 10
declare @min_len int = 15
declare @len_step int = 15
declare @len_cap int = 9
declare @age_cap int = 10;

with comment_weights as (
     select case 
               when score is null then 0
               when score < @score_cap then score
               else @score_cap
               when (len(Text) - @min_len)/@len_step < @len_cap 
               then (len(Text) - @min_len)/@len_step
               else @len_cap
             when cast(GetUTCDate() - CreationDate as int) < @age_cap 
                 then @age_cap - cast(GetUTCDate() - CreationDate as int)
               else 0
           end as weight
           , postid
    from comments
chatty_posts as (
  select postid
  from comments
  group by postid
  having count(id) > @number_threshold

select count(*) as hidden_count 
from comment_weights cw
inner join chatty_posts cp
on cp.postid = cw.postid
where weight < @weight_threshold

select num_comments, count( as post_count
from posts p
inner join (
select as postid,
count( as num_comments
from posts p2
left join comments c on
group by
) counts on = counts.postid
group by num_comments

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