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WITH UserPrivilege as (
select CAST(CASE 
			WHEN LowRepUsers.Reputation < 15
				THEN 'None'
            WHEN LowRepUsers.Reputation > 15 and LowRepUsers.Reputation < 50
                Then 'FlagOnly'
			ELSE 'FlagAndComment'
			END AS VARCHAR(max)) AS Privilege,
            Answers.ParentId as QuestionId,
            Answers.CreationDate as PostedOn
            from (select * from Users) as LowRepUsers
            INNER JOIN (select * from Posts WHERE Posts.postTypeId = 2  AND Posts.DeletionDate is null
            AND len(Posts.Body) < 400 AND (Posts.body LIKE '%stackoverflow%')
	AND (
		Posts.body LIKE '%http:%'
		OR Posts.body LIKE '%https:%'
		)) as Answers ON (LowRepUsers.Id = Answers.OwnerUserId)

SELECT Privilege, COUNT(Privilege) as PrivilegeCount
FROM UserPrivilege
GROUP BY Privilege

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