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The best time here is when the probability of having an answer is highest.

On the graph, look for the value on the x-axis that
corresponds to the maximum value on y-axis.
That's the best time to ask questions as defined above.

As for Dec 2013, the biggest probability was for questions asked
on Sunday at 12am GMT. 51% of questions asked by this time get answered.

- X: Hours, days of week, or both
    1.0 is Sunday, 12am GMT; 3.5 means Tuesday, 12pm GMT.
- Y: Probability of getting an answer. Computed as ratio of questions
    that have accepted answers to total questions.

- All: Include all users or only one specified by UserId
    Values: 0 - show stats for one user, 1 - for all users
- Frequency: The scale of X-axis
    Values: 1 - hours, 2 - day of week, 3 - both
- UserId: Whose stats to include in calculations. Matters only when All = 0.
    Values: Your user ID or someone else's.

DECLARE @All int = ##All:int?1##
DECLARE @Frequency int = ##Frequency:int?3##
DECLARE @UsedId int = ##UserId:int##
DECLARE @YearsBack int = 1

;WITH tmp AS
  SELECT q.Title, q.AcceptedAnswerId,
         Period = CASE @Frequency
           WHEN 1 THEN DATEPART("hour", q.CreationDate)
           WHEN 2 THEN DATEPART("weekday", q.CreationDate)
           WHEN 3 THEN ROUND((CAST(DATEPART("weekday", q.CreationDate) AS numeric) +
             CAST(DATEPART("hour", q.CreationDate) AS numeric) / 24), 2) END
  FROM Posts q
  WHERE q.OwnerUserId = CASE WHEN @All = 1 THEN q.OwnerUserId ELSE @UsedId END
    AND q.CreationDate > DATEADD("year", -@YearsBack, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)
    AND q.PostTypeId = 1
    AND q.Title != ''
  SELECT Period, CAST(COUNT(case when AcceptedAnswerId > 0 then 1 else null end) AS FLOAT)/CAST(COUNT(*) as FLOAT) AS [Probability of getting an answer]
FROM tmp

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