Follow-up edits to my contributions


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Shows all posts that I've contributed to, that have also been edited by someone else since my last contribution. Includes only certain types of edits (title/body/tag edits/rollbacks), and excludes edits by the Community user (which are mostly inserting/removing duplicate links and such).

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select ph.PostId as [Post Link],
  ph.CreationDate as LastEditDate,
  u.DisplayName as LastEditor,
  pht.Name as LastEditType,
from PostHistory ph
join PostHistoryTypes pht on pht.Id = ph.PostHistoryTypeId
join Posts p on p.Id = ph.PostId
            and p.LastEditDate = ph.CreationDate
join Users u on u.Id = ph.UserId
            and u.Id = p.LastEditorUserId
where ph.UserId <> -1 -- filter out Community edits
  and ph.UserId <> ##UserId##
  and ph.PostHistoryTypeId in (4,5,6,7,8,9)
  and exists (
    select 1
    from PostHistory
    where PostId = ph.PostId
      and UserId = ##UserId##
      and CreationDate < ph.CreationDate
order by ph.CreationDate desc

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