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WITH TopTags as
(SELECT TOP 1500 Id, TagName, Tags.Count FROM Tags ORDER BY Count desc),

UpdatedPostTags AS
(SELECT TagId, TagName, PostId FROM PostTags INNER JOIN TopTags on TopTags.Id = TagId),

PostsUpdated AS 
(SELECT * FROM Posts INNER JOIN UpdatedPostTags on UpdatedPostTags.PostId = (case when (ParentId is null) then Posts.Id else ParentId END)),

PostsDate AS
(SELECT * FROM PostsUpdated WHERE Year(CreationDate) = '##Year##')

SELECT TagName, SUM(CASE WHEN PostTypeId = 1 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) as NumQ, COUNT(AcceptedAnswerId) as NumAccept FROM PostsDate GROUP BY TagName;

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