number of times rioV8 has edited out the vscode-extensions tag


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  H.PostId AS [Post Link],
  H.UserId AS [User Link], -- editor
  H.CreationDate, -- edit timestamp
  H0.Text AS OriginalTags,
  H .Text AS NewTags
FROM PostHistory H
JOIN PostHistory H0 ON H0.PostId = H.PostId
  H0.PostHistoryTypeId = 3 -- initial tags
  AND H0.Text COLLATE Latin1_General_BIN LIKE '%<vscode-extensions>%'
  AND H .Text COLLATE Latin1_General_BIN NOT LIKE '%<vscode-extensions>%'
  AND H.PostHistoryTypeId = 6 -- edit tags
  AND H.UserId = 9938317 -- rioV8

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