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Illuminator badge holders ranked by their effectiveness; percentage of their answers that qualify for the badge times the number of qualifying answers. This gives a better ranking for how effectively people have improved the original question (how often they edited the question compared to the number of answers they gave).

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select AOwnerId [User Link], 
       count(ta.Id) as [Total Answer >= 1 Count],
       ROUND(Count * 100 / count(ta.Id), 2) as Percentage,
       ROUND(Count * (Count / count(ta.Id)), 2) AS Weighting
from (select a.OwnerUserId AOwnerId,
             CAST(count(*) AS float) AS Count
        from Posts q 
             join Posts a on a.ParentId = q.Id
        where q.PostTypeId = 1 and 
              q.ClosedDate is null and
              a.PostTypeId = 2 and 
              a.Score >= 1 and 
              -- exclude self answered
              IsNull(q.OwnerUserId, -1) <> a.OwnerUserId and 
              exists(select 1 
                       from PostHistory ph 
                      where ph.PostHistoryTypeId in (4,5) 
                        and ph.PostId = a.ParentId 
                        and ph.UserId = a.OwnerUserId 
                        and abs(datediff(hh, ph.CreationDate, a.CreationDate)) < 12)                        
        group by a.OwnerUserId
        having count(*) >= 500) AnswerQEditor
inner join Posts ta on ta.OwnerUserId = AOwnerId
where ta.PostTypeId = 2 and ta.Score >= 1 -- out of all answers with score 1 and up
group by AOwnerId, Count
order by Weighting desc

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