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with QuestionDetail as (
    select DateAdd(dd, 1 - DatePart(dw, CreationDate), Convert(Date, CreationDate)) as Week,
           DateName(dw, CreationDate) as DayOfWeek,
           1 as QCount
    from Posts
    where PostTypeId = 1
      and ClosedDate is null
      and CommunityOwnedDate is null
      and CreationDate >= DateAdd(mm, -##Months:int?3##, Current_Timestamp)

select Week, [Monday], [Tuesday],  [Wednesday], [Thursday], [Friday], [Saturday], [Sunday]
from QuestionDetail
pivot ( sum(QCount) for DayOfWeek in ([Monday], [Tuesday],  [Wednesday], [Thursday], [Friday], [Saturday], [Sunday])) as pvt
order by Week

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