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Finds posts where (user input) is the only tag. No results means that the tag is never used stand-alone, and might be a meta-tag.

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declare @targetTagId int;

select @targetTagId = t.Id
from Tags t
where t.TagName = '##TargetTagName##';

;with QuestionsWithTargetTag as
  select p.Id
  from Posts p
  inner join PostTags pt on p.Id = pt.PostId and pt.TagId = @targetTagId
  where p.PostTypeId = 1 --question
select qwtt.Id [Post Link]
from QuestionsWithTargetTag qwtt
inner join Posts p on p.Id = qwtt.Id
where p.Id not in (
  select qwtt2.Id
  from QuestionsWithTargetTag qwtt2
  inner join PostTags pt on qwtt2.Id = pt.PostId and pt.TagId != @targetTagId)

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